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A Reasonal and Economic Solution for Small and Medium CATV Operators to Transit to Optical Network

A Reasonal and Economic Solution for Small and Medium CATV Operators to Transit to Optical Network


Everyday PON technology brings the happiness of broadband to users of IPTV, cell phones, telecommuting, HBO, Netflix, Facebook,Zoom, etc.

But now in many countries there are still many CATV operators, they face the challenge of how to offer broadband services to their customers and how their network evolves from CATV to the Fiber Optic Network in a reasonable way and economical.

The PON + EOC solution can be an answer.

The structure of PON+EoC solucion is shown in the image below:

1) Under the ONU or OLT, one or more CLT (Cable Line Terminal in English) are installed in a node.

2) In the customer's homes, a CNU (Cable Network Unit, or CNT, Cable Network Terminal) is used to connect the HFC cable and the TV STB. The CNU can offer internet service to PC, and some models of CNU have WiFi antennas.

The solution does not need to completely rebuild the existing CATV HFC network, especially the node-to-building and node-to-home cables, it just rebuilds the fiber lines from the central office to the nodes. In this way they greatly save the cost of the transition from CATV to Optical Fiber Network, and the existing CATV service is not affected.

In a villa or building with a moderate number of access users (for example 20 households), by implementing a head-end device (Master) in the optical node (for example a CLT EC7000-B), a share bandwidth of 300 Mbps (each home 15Mbps) will be available for these clientes.

As the volume of access users increases, the option that can be considered is to increase the number of head-end devices in the optical node, the access bandwidth will increase by 300Mbps by adding an EoC master device.

Other advantages of PON-EoC are like the following:

Long transmission distance

Up to 20km by optical fiber.

Multiple services and better QoS

Besides CATV service, it can also meet the needs of voice, video, data;

Less signal interference in optical fiber, better TV image quality;

QoS priority setting via VLAN, IP TOS, etc.


Communication between CNUs is prohibited;

VLAN isolation;

AES-128 encryption;

Convenient equipment management

Management functions are implemented in CLT, similar to OLT;

YOTC’s CNU support the TR069 protocol, which allows the administrator to manage the CNU remotely, especially the control of the account and the WiFi configuration.

Easy network operation and maintenance

The CLT adopts the mechanism of templates, so the configurations are automatically forwarded to authorized CNU. Thus the business is opened in a short time.

Troubled CNTs can be located more quickly.


As a leading product & solution provider in China, YOTC has much PON + EOC experiences. In this year alone we have sold more than 78 thousand units of EB-401-B (4-port CNU + WiFi + TR069) in Argentine market.


The following are the top 3 best-selling models in YOTC’s catalogue in 2021.

EC7000-B (Master)


EB-401-B (Slave)


EB-400-B (Slave)


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