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Smart Grid Distribution Automation Success Story

Smart Grid Distribution Automation Success Story

In 2011, Shandong Electric Power Co., Ltd. fully launched the distribution network reconstruction project, using the advanced network architecture of PTN + EPON to upgrade the existing network.
In 2011, Shandong Electric Power Co., Ltd. fully launched the distribution network reconstruction project, using the advanced network architecture of PTN + EPON to upgrade the existing network. This is the first time that the State Grid has used EPON technology in distribution networks on a large scale. Therefore, Shandong Electric Power Co., Ltd. was very cautious in the selection phase and conducted stringent tests on the equipment of each participating party. Everlight’s products have withstood various items. The test, all achieved or better than the indicators, the final successful bid for Shandong Power Distribution Network transformation project, obtained EPON and ODN product qualifications.
    In order to ensure the demanding capacity, reliability, and scalability of the power distribution business, we have used the carrier-class C8000/C8500 EPON OLT products in the Shandong Power Project. This type of equipment is fully equipped with up to 80 PON ports and can provide the main Control board 1+1 protection, PON port redundancy protection, power protection, powerful performance and high reliability. ONU chooses M5-0404 product specially developed for power distribution network. This device adopts dual PON dual MAC design and can provide 4 FE ports, 4 RS232/RS485 serial ports, full industrial grade devices, anti-electromagnetic interference and anti- Strong impact voltage and surge immunity, and with the OLT can achieve a variety of topological protection methods such as double-ring protection, double-star protection, hand-in-hand dual bus protection, and dual-bus protection in the same direction. In engineering applications in Zaozhuang and Linyi, Shandong, hand-held double-stranded networking reached 11 levels, and the protection switching time was still controlled at about 10ms. The entire network is scheduled and maintained through the unified network management system, which greatly improves the operation and maintenance efficiency. At the same time, we also provide a variety of supporting ODN equipment, including splitters, distribution frames, transfer boxes, etc., to provide customers with one-stop service.
    In order to maintain the quality of the project, our technicians communicated closely with the planning department in the early stage and did a good job of network planning. The optical power, the service configuration of the site, and the protection switching plan were repeatedly demonstrated. During the implementation of the project, our engineering staff worked closely with the staff of the Bureau to conduct service opening on a site-by-site basis, guiding the Bureau's engineering and technical personnel with hands-on instructions. As EPON is a new knowledge of the power system, we have also arranged business knowledge training in phases and training in product use, which has won praise from users.
    The new generation of distribution network constructed by Long Optical EPON and ODN equipment is currently operating safely and steadily in Shandong Electric Power, providing a reliable channel for the secondary equipment business and gaining praise from users of Shandong Electric Power System. Customer response: “Long The EPON and ODN systems provided by Optical Technology are easy to install, stable in operation, and powerful in function to fully meet the needs of smart grid distribution network automation!"
    Shandong power distribution network solution topology:
Currently, Long Optical Technology's EPON system has been widely used in scenes of distribution network automation, power fiber-to-the-home, and power consumption information collection in cities such as Shandong, Hunan, and Guangdong.